I dished up Okonomiyaki on a Ige-zara(●´艸`)

There are two Okonomiyaki.

It was delicious♪

Picture of the dish is visible after eating.

It is also part of the fun(*´˘`*)♡



Kimono patterns of modern Komon.

Komon is a kimono that same pattern has been repeatedly drawn in one direction to the whole.

Take a look at this.

It 's very stylish kimono!(*´∀`*)

When you go out wearing this, it is going to be great fun mood.
✩.*♪(o´∇ `o)♪.*✩



Seido Tsurukubi Kabin

Seido means bronze.
Tsurukubi means neck of a crane.
Kabin means vase.

Seido Tsurukubi Kabin is a vase of bronze shaped like the neck of the crane.

Please look at this photo.

Would you look like the neck of the crane?(●´艸`)

This is a tool of the Sado(tea ceremony).

This box is Tomobako.

Title and producer's name has been written in this box.

Value goes up when there is this.

It is like a package of character figures.





We wind the obi in order to fix and decorate the kimono.

So there is a obi of various kinds(*´˘`*)♡

This is Maru-obi.

Maru-obi is the most high grade obi(๑º ロ º๑)

It is a very luxurious and beautiful fabric(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

However, it is hard and heavy.

So Fukuro-obi has been used intead of Maru-obi now.



Dish of thorns?

This is the dish that Igezara.

Ige means thorn.

Zara (Sara) is the dish.

This Igezara is mine.

Pasta, Curry, Okonomiyaki...There are variety of uses.

It is a very good dish♫

I'm creating a website in English now!



This is Kougai.

Kougai is like a Kanzasi(ornamental hairpin).

We can be the updo and decorate the hair very easy if there is this.

I tride actually using.

I like it very much!
Let's use together!( *´∀`)人(´∀`* )




Nice to meet you!

My name is Ponkichi(*´∀`*)ノ

I like Yabukitacha and rainbowtrout

Yabukitacha is a famous tea, which is produced in Sizuoka Prefecture, Japanヽ(o´∀`o)

I want you to try to drink by all means because it is very tasty tea!

See you again.
(*´Д`*)ノ))вуe вуe



What is Onkochishin.

It means that study the facts of the past, and to open a new perspective and knowledge from there.

We want to tell today through the antiques what craftsmanship and feelings of ancestors.
We started in the wake of it.
So our shop name is Onkochishin.




Nice to meet you!
I'm the wife of the owner of the antiqueshop Onkochishin.

Owner had to say that I want to open a shop of their own someday.
And the other day, he opened a shop of antiques liked from previous finally!
I want to know people of the world the goodness of antiques and kimono.
And I want to interchange as friends with the same hobby.
I am an amateur For antique and kimono, but I'm going to learn about them in order to support the owner.

I'm going to introduce antiques and kimono and around Mt.Fuji in this blog.
Please come to this blog feel free.


I am also studying English.